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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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meanwhile we're covering the trump campaign. we go to you news this morning donald trump is making it looks like he's poised for a potentially decisive victory in indiana. he was on within the last hour
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or two and he brought up ted cruz's father, a minister who has been out there campaigning for him in the evangelical community. i guess there have been tabloid claims that try to link ted cruz's father who is from cuba somehow to the kennedy as sass nation and then trump himself brought that up. let's play what he had to say. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald being shot. the whole thing is ridiculous and nobody even brings it up. they don't talk about that. that was reported and nobody talks about it, but i think it's horrible. i think it's absolutely horrible that a man can go and do that, what he's saying there. >> there was a picture out there that's reportedly shows cruz standing with oswald. >> what was he doing with oswald shortly before the death, before the shooting? it's horrible.
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>> jacob, all sorts of insinuation there and we talk about donald trump and is he going to be more presidential? that's as inflammatory as it gets. >> reporter: yeah and i've seen that picture floating around the last few weeks. it's one of those that his supporters on twitter and elsewhere will retweet and talk about, but it's very interesting that donald trump himself would go and talk about it, although it's not unusual really because he's done that many times before on these conspiracy theories and we're not even sure if it's an accurate photo, if it's a real photo, but just him talking about he knows his supporters will latch on to it but it's a very interesting strategy for him to do that and last minute and last day at the indiana primary. now, as we look at today on a day that donald trump could essentially nearly lock up this nomination that will be almost a cake walk going forward if he wins by double digits, incredible to think that ten
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months ago as he was announcing he was thought of by some as a joke, it was a big crowded field and now look where we are today and it's important i think to look at the last month or so and what's happened with the trump campaign. after that devastating loss for him in wisconsin, really he turned things around and he made that paul manafort higher are, a speech on foreign policy and new people joining the campaign and now here we are in front of the trump headquarters and inside they're preparing to have of course the tradition dunken do nuts and coffee and they're gearing up for a win. >> all right. on the trump beat out there in indiana. thank you for that. if donald trump does get that big win tonight, if he does clench the republican nomination eventually will the fight for the general election looks like it will be a war over women.
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trump at his rally in indiana last night going hard after hillary clinton. >> even for victory speeches i saw the other night hillary clinton has a teleprompter and i would say that she started screaming at the teleprompter, but i'm not allowed to say that. you know why? now, if she was a man i could say it, but as a woman, ladies i'm sorry i'm not allowed to say it. she was screaming at the teleprompter, but i will not say it. >> our latest poll shows donald trump's unfavorable rating with 69% of women voters. it's a key number as we look ahead to the general election. let me bring in the national spokesperson for the donald trump campaign. thank you both for joining us. i apologize i have to ask you about this. we played what donald trump just said about oswald and ted cruz's father, and can you clarify for me what is he is trying to say or suggest there.
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>> it was interesting because this was actually reported in the miami her old which is probably why it came up and he thought this is happening and no one's talking about it so it was a shock at all that it it showed up. >> is there some suggestion that his father had to do with the kennedy assassination. >> i don't know and i think that's why it was shocking and why mr. trump commented on it. >> i wanted to get a question to you on that before we move on. i thank you for addressing that. let me ask about the question here of female voters and general election and we put the numbers up on the screen. when you see a number like that basically 7 in 10 women voters have watched donald trump for the last year as a presidential candidate and they've walked away with an unfavorable view. why is that? >> mainly it's because of what mr. trump says is pulled out of context and we saw unfavorable numbers like this at the beginning of the republican
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primary and that gap was closed quite quickly after mr. trump was on the campaign trail going to city to city and meeting people face to face and now you'll see that women are voting for him. >> we have a general election number there all women, donald trump doing terribly and katrina saying he took the campaign to republicans and he did fine with republican women and he can turn it around with women in the fall. >> i don't think there's a context that makes the names that donald trump calls women appropriate and you don't get to numbers like 70% disapproval ratings on democratic women alone. that means republican women are rejecting him too. he seems to have calculated that he could win the republican primary by making women a punch line and that strategy seems to be paying off but it's not a viable strategy in the general election so i'm curious to see how he tries to back it up. we all know the most effective campaigning you can do against
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an opponent is to use your their own words and voice against them and we have so much to choice from from donald trump and he doesn't seem to be stopping. >> so much has been made of the term donald trump uses is the woman card. hillary clinton is playing the woman card. what is the woman card. >> first i'd like to say unfavorables that doesn't translate into lack of votes. hillary clinton has high unfavorables which is why bernie sanders is winning the younger women simply because old fashioned femininism isn't popular today. just because you criticize a woman doesn't make you a sexist. the woman's card is simple. hillary clinton started out playing the woman's card. she talked about how senator sanders criticized the way she poke. that was the woman card. she called donald trump a sexist and that was a woman's card and she's talking about paid family leave and equal pay, she's not talking about foreign policy because she can't. that's what mr. trump is talking
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about. she wants to talk on women's issues because she can't run on her record. >> what do you say about that. >> hillary clinton was secretary of state so of course she can talk about foreign policy. if we're going to put family medicine leave and reproductive access to health care in some sort of woman card box, that's largely one of the reasons why donald trump is turning off so many women and the wage gam for women is a big issue for republican women. to dismiss that as something that is pandering just ignores that a lot of women are hurting and they want to do right by them and their families. that's why hillary clinton is talking about what she wants to do help raise the economic viability for women, that helps families and the entire country. >> the problem with that is these are the same arguments that hillary has been making for nearly 40 years. her husband was president of the united states for two terms.
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the democrats have been in charge for the last eight years and they had full control over the government and we're still having the same issues addressed so why should a woman think that because hillary clinton is all of a sudden the president that these things are going to get fixed when they have failed at every attempt prior to that? >> katrina raised this, donald trump says hillary clinton's shouting but i'm not allowed to say that i'm not going to say that and katrina is saying just because you attack a woman in politics doesn't make you a sexist. is there anything to that that hillary clinton uses or hillary clinton supporters use her gender as a shield from attacks that would be fair game against a male politician. >> hillary clinton has been attacked more than just about any politician in america over the last 30 years and she's got some of the toughest skin in the business, but i do think there isn't a women out there that doesn't understand there's a double standard when it comes to shouting and women raising their voices and every time donald
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trump decides to criticize carly fiorina's face or hillary clinton's voice and he calls women dogs and fat pigs, women know what that means and they know the character of the man saying it. >> some of those comments she stated were in a television program for entertainment purposes. >> finish up. >> what actually started the disagreement between donald trump and megyn kelly because that was his tv personality. mr. trump has had many public fights with women and men, but we don't hear him talking about rand paul's hair or some other man for that matter. you guys want to focus on women. mr. trump praises many women. he has one of the first to put women in executive positions in corporate america. it's not going to work. >> i gave katrina the first word and i'll give you the last word. >> i don't envee her having to
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defend this stuff. >> thank you both for the time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. and coming up, one last check in maybe from the stop trump movement and we're going to look into the future from the road ahead for republicans after indiana if there is a ready ahead after indiana. most important number of the day on just how close donald trump really is to the republican nomination. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®. on top of your health?ay ahh...
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i think he's crazy. i think he's crazy. lying ted does not have the temperament to be doing this. he's choking like a dog because he's losing so badly. we have to put him away tomorrow, folks. we got to get out and vote.
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>> donald trump's closing message to voters in indiana, you can put away ted cruz in today's primary. that's what he's saying. it takes us to our most important number of the day, which today is 41. 41 is the percentage of all the delegates still to come after indiana that trump will have to win in he sweeps indiana. let me show you what that means. so first of all, this is indiana. this is how they're giving out the delegates tonight. if you win the state, if donald trump wins indiana, he's going to get 30 of those 57 delegates just for doing that. the rest of the action it's in these nine congressional districts. every one that you win, you get three delegates for that. so if you can sweep them all, you can get all 27 of the congressional district delegates and plus 30 of the statewide delegates. the leads we've seen donald trump have in that state he's very much viable to get all 57 out of here. cruz may be strong in this district, but if donald trump
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does sweep and he wins big and gets all 57 delegates, what does that do to the math for donald trump hitting 1,237. he comes in today with 997 delegates. you add 57 to that. he could end the day with 1,054. he would be within 200 of that number. these are the states that are left to come that 41% number means he needs 183. he would need 183 delegates out of all these states to come. the good news for trump, he looks strong in new jersey. winner take all. that's a big chunk right there. he looks strong in west virginia. we could get almost all those in west virginia or all of those in west virginia. if his numbers are stronger than they've appeared in the last couple of weeks that's what we seem to be seeing a state like montana could be in play and maybe more in new nemexico. he's going to need delegates from california to hit that magic number, but if he does really strong in all these other
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states i'm circling, he's not going to need a huge number out of california to get past 1,237 and we haven't mentioned sitting out here there's a bunch of unbound delegates that are still sitting out there. he could pick off delegates there as well. so 41%. if donald trump wins tonight if he sweeps indiana, all he's going to to need to do is get 41% of the remaining delegates in the contest. if he does that, he hits 1,237, we don't think about second ballots and unbound delegates, the ball game is over. that's where he stands right now. that's why it's so important tonight. we have been following and we talked about at the top of the show, those comments from donald trump this morning more controversy about ted cruz's father and what trump seemed to be suggesting was a link to oswald based on reporting from the national enrequirer. hallie jackson received a statement in response to this.
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it reads it's further evidence from how detached from reality donald trump is. he will say anything to make news regardless of whether or not it's factual. this is evidence that donald trump is willing to say anything to get attention and it indicates desperation on his part to get attention. that's a statement in the last few minutes from ted cruz's campaign. let's bring in tim miller now, the former communications director to the jeb bush campaign. tim, we've been talking about this. we ran through some of the numbers right here. if you guys trying to stop donald trump are not successful in indiana tonight, is there a path to denying him the republican nomination? >> i'm not going to dunk your question, but really quick how crazy is this that we're living in a world with donald trump is accusing his opponent's father of being involved in the jfk assassination. if had happened on house of cards you'd change the channel because it doesn't seem realistic and it's insane.
6:26 am
this is not a stable individual so that is relevant to what i'm about to get to because there's a long time between now and june and when you have somebody with this kind of behavior anything can happen this election year and it's not only wrong, but it's absolutely crazy he's out there saying this. >> let me ask you, it jumped out at us too i can't remember the last time a major presidential candidate said anything like that about the father of a rival, but trump has been saying these sorts of controversial things all along and attracting 50% of the republican party. what does that say about the republican party. >> i think what a lot of those people who are voting for trump are responding to is not the crazy statements. i'm sure there's an audience for that, but i do want to debunk this myth that this hasn't hurt him. his comments have hurt him. his comments about calling women dogs and pigs and flat chested, if you look at his approval numbers with women since january
6:27 am
when this started to get attention and we started running ads on this, his approval numbers have tanked with women and so these comments do hurt him. now, like you said he has continued to win primaries and he deserves credit for that, but it's a myth to say that this stuff doesn't hurt him and i think that as i said earlier with a month left until california anything can happen. >> but what is the more specifically what is the -- anything can happen. i hear that from the sanders campaign too. more specifically when you look at that map is you camp out and wait for california and you hope he stumbles? is there something else going on in that time because if he wins tonight you had tit would be th straight big wins on the board. >> no doubt if he wins tonight, that doesn't mean there's not a path. if you look at nebraska which is next week, that's the kinds of
6:28 am
state that cruz has done well in. i looking at the map you put up there with the exception of maybe new jersey all those states are the kinds of states that cruz could do well in. in west virginia there's some strange delegate rules there and trump has struggled states where the delegate rule is complicated. he hasn't been great at organizing. so we'll see and like i said with a month to go to california a big win in california would cover up a lot of the flaws to date so essentially that would be the path. >> thanks for the time. i appreciate it. turning now to the national political reporter at the washington post and i want to play this again this is sort of developing this morning and talk to you about and the implications for the rest of this campaign, but donald trump on fox earlier this morning talking about ted cruz's father and the kennedy assassination. this is what trump said.
6:29 am
>> his father was with oswald prior to oswald being shot. the whole thing is ridiculous. prior to his being shot and nobody brings it up. they don't talk about that. that was reported and nobody talks about it, but i think it's horrible. i think it's absolutely horrible that a man can go and do that, what he's saying there. >> right. there was a picture out there that shows cruz standing with lee harvey oswald. >> what was he doing with oswald shortly before the death, before the shooting? it's horrible. >> crazy. >> this is something this picture in question, this story original na originated in the national enrequirer. the national enrequirer had put this in its pages. she pointed at the miami herald story and she said it's something in the miami her old.
6:30 am
is donald trump going to pivot and become more presidential. paul manafort seemed to suggest something like that was in the works and i'm listening to this this morning and saying nothing's changed here. >> donald trump has collected nch information from the fringes of the news and assimilated it into his campaign. we've seen this with his associations and appearances and his recent citation of the national enrequirer. he has a tendency to pick up these things and put them in the blood stream of the national political narrative. >> i read when paul manafort went to that republican meeting it seemed like paul manafort was trying to bring a degree of professionalism, sort of a presidential appearance to the trump campaign. what do you know about what's going on behind the scenes there. is there an effort maybe from manafort or somebody else to reign in trump from doing this kind of thing? >> yes, there is in terms of
6:31 am
operation and organization. you see manafort trying to professionalize the trump campaign but trump remains trump. when you look at who he was having lunch with yesterday it was edward cline, the best selling author of clinton books that have tabloid references and news nuggets that have not been reported by any other outlets so that's the kind of person he's associating with. he's pivoting toward a general election and in typical trump style maybe the operation is becoming professional, but his tendency to reach for controversial characters remains. >> the story when we woke up this morning is donald trump is on his way to a big win in indiana and on his way to the republican nomination. do you think him coming out and doing something like this today gives leaders any pause to try
6:32 am
to hit the brakes on this a little bit more? >> i don't see any kind of movement in that direction because there's a resignation among top republicans that trump's likely to be the nominee and on the right the eyed logical right there's a fear that cruz hasn't caught fire and if he doesn't do it in indiana it's hard to see where he does. >> thanks for the time. >> thank you. coming up, hillary clinton gets pressed hard for positions on -- her position on coal when she went to control country in west virginia. we have video of an uncomfortable confrontation. we'll show it to you next. a heart attack doesn't care if you run everyday,
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6:36 am
how to explain it other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant because i have been talking about helping coal country for a very long time. it was a misstatement because what i was saying is that the way things are going now we will continue to lose jobs. that is going to happen unless we take action to try to help and prevent it. >> quite a scene there in west virginia yesterday. that was hillary clinton with her own uncomfortable moment on the campaign trail when she was confronted by bo copley. he was referring to comments clinton had made a short while back about the future or lack of a future of a coal industry in west virginia in her view. although the two talks afterward, the exchange underscored concerns about some under friendly territory that lays ahead for hillary clinton on the democratic map even if
6:37 am
she wins tonight and if the math says she's like lie to be the nominee. this is interesting because i'm thinking about eight years to the end of the obama/clinton primary race, clinton was winning states to the end one of her biggest wins was west virginia. this was exactly the kind of state where she was running up massive margins over barack obama eight years ago and now we're looking at it and saying she could look this state to bernie sanders. it's an interesting story line because she's probably going to be the nominee and she's going to probably keep losing for the next month. >> right. it's a great point because the clinton campaign bracing for the likelihood that senator sanders is going to win a number of these states that vote in may and their chances in west virginia they acknowledge really
6:38 am
difficult. secretary clinton as you pointed out had that very tense exchange last night and also very candid exchange in which she apologized. it's rare that we see that from a presidential candidate, for those comments she made at a town hall earlier this year in which she said that her policies would lead to a loss of coal jobs and shutting down of coal mines and she said that was a mistake and her comments were taken out of context and she expressed regret. she also said that she realizes this is going to make it tough for her to win a state like west virginia. listen to a little bit more of that exchange. >> i'm here because i want you to know whether people vote for me or not, whether they yell at me or not, is not going to affect what i'm going to try to do to help because i feel like that's a moral obligation. >> reporter: and so the clinton campaign bracing for a potential loss in west virginia. they say it's going to make
6:39 am
their chances tough in kentucky as well and we're seeing secretary clinton pivot to the general election. she's here in ohio in a state that's voted this stop about taking on donald trump in the general. indiana is an open primary and it could be close and it's possibly that senator sanders could win. >> the first of many clinton stops in ohio between now and november i'm sure. thanks for that. ahead of the results tonight in indiana, hillary clinton's going to appear for an exclusive one on one interview right here on msnbc live at noon eastern today. make sure to check that out. coming up on our show, donald trump has got the support of the fighting irish in indiana as a legendary notre dame coach puts his support behind him. >> they're nothing but winners in indiana. the main reason i'm endorsing
6:40 am
him. i played in his golf course, i stayed in his hotel, he does nothing but go first class in everything and he wants this country to be first class as well. >> one of several iconic coaching ledge ends who have lined up behind donald trump in an interesting strategy for a state that loves his sports. we're going to go live to polling places across the hoosier state and we're going to see what is motivating the people you see in the lines right there. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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6:44 am
tony is in the center of indiana there. a big busy republican polling station there. tony, let's start with you. a lot of republicans in your neck of the woods down there and this is it. donald trump, if he can pull off a win there tonight, probably makes him the republican nominee. you seeing a lot of energy for donald trump or something else? >> reporter: a lot of energy overall. you mentioned this location is going to decide the republican vote. there are a lot of people here already. more republican votes are expected at this location, this church, than any other location in the entire state. it should have been kasich country. kasich has his campaign chair located nearby. this is an educated area. it's a damaedema graphic he's d well with. you're from caramel which is kasich's area, but you're not voting for kasich.
6:45 am
>> i'm not voting for kasich. i'm voting for donald trump. >> reporter: how come? >> i think he has experience and knows how to create good deals for this country. we have qualified people educated that cannot find jobs. >> reporter: we're in a catholic church and your son goes to a catholic church and why not ted cruz in this campaign. >> i think he has misspoke several times. i'm not sure he has a firm stance on some of the tougher points here. i think donald trump understands that this country is searching for leadership. we want to save our jobs here in indiana. we're losing carrier. >> reporter: thank you. this line dois getting longer. this should be kasich country, but it doesn't seem like it's going to be. this should be cruz country but it doesn't seem like it's gioin
6:46 am
to be. >> i thiron is at a polling sta at crown pointe now. there's a big manufacturing part of the state. set the scene for us. >> reporter: this is blue country. we're at the lake county fair grounds, an expansive fair ground building here. i have a voter outside here. she's been kind enough to wait in the chill of the morning. she's already voted. we'll talk to her. the reason we have to go outside is because of laws. you have to keep away from mentioning candidates names on the inside. so maggie my new best friend who has braved the chill this morning. kwh who did you vote for and why. >> i voted for donald trump. >> reporter: explain why you voted for him. >> i think we need a change and i know he shocks a lot of people by what he says, but he has a lot of good. and i really think he wants to
6:47 am
change the world for the best. >> reporter: is there one particular issue that he's hammered that resonates with you? >> i don't really want to say. >> reporter: okay. >> because people get crazy with the voting and politicians and they get -- there's so much anger and it's really sad. >> reporter: but clearly you think he's the best in the field. >> i think there's not a whole lot of good ones out there, but he's who i'm choosing. >> reporter: donald trump gets a vote here. >> all right. our extremely unscientific poll of two voters at two different polling stations gives donald trump an early 2-0 lead in indiana. we'll see if that holding up throughout the day. be sure to stay tuned as coverage rolls in. we'll kickoff at 5:00 eastern with chuck todd. i'm going to be along too with
6:48 am
the big board breaking down all the numbers as we get them. again, could be a very big and meaningful night. you're not going to want to miss it. ♪ (music pl ♪ throughout) uh oh. what's up? ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:52 am
that ted cruz didn't immediately go over. not sure if ted cruz saw it as it happened. maybe that missed his field of vision. it can be a chaotic scene there all the time, but donald trump making something out of that. always making something out of something. coming up, the week that was in indiana, the primary is going on as we speak. we're going to get a report from somebody on the ground there who knows the state better than anyone. that's next. fastidious librarian emily skinner, each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day,
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all right, the voting well under way in the republican and democratic primaries in indiana. kevin raider is the political reporter at wthr out there in indiana and he joins me for one last check-in. i apologize in advance, we are short for time at the end of the hour, but two ways this could go today. either the polls undersold it and donald trump wins in a total landslide or the polls missed it and this thing tightens up and we have a barn burner tonight. which of those two scenarios is
6:56 am
more likely? >> it might depend on which race you're looking at. i was out voting early today and i was surprised, there was no problem getting in. it might have something to do with the number of hoosiers that took part in early voting. but i think if you're looking at the republican side, i still have to believe that donald trump is going to pull away and win here in indiana. on the democrat side, we could be here a while. bernie sanders/hillary clinton race is shaping up to be just that, a race. believe it or not, that may be the one that keeps us here for a while. >> let me ask you this quickly. all these endorsements from sports figures that donald trump brought in, do you think they mattered at all? >> i don't know. endorsements really don't seem to be carrying any weight. i will say bob knight, gene katie, lou holtz, obviously for folks who are older and followed sports in indiana that probably will mean something. for the majority of those going to the polls today, i don't know if that will carry that much weight. >> all right, thanks for the update. we appreciate it. and coming up, we're going to talk about the possibility of two new york candidates facing off in a presidential race.
6:57 am
we're going to talk to the former executive editor of "the new york times," jill abramson, and more legendary indiana coaches, as we just said, lining up behind donald trump. he hit the super fecta of indiana coaching legends. at least we know they can execute a strong full-court press. much more as indiana voters head to the polls for what could be the deciding primary, next. my school reunion's coming fast.
6:58 am
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and with this many new flavors trust me, you'll be glad you can try three. like creamy baked lobster alfredo and grilled chimichurri shrimp and panko-crusted crab cakes bursting with crabmeat. because some choices are hard, but this one, this one's easy. so hurry in before it ends! i think we're going to do really great. >> nobody is going to get to 1,237. >> lyin' ted does not have the temperament to do this. >> i think he's crazy. honestly i think he is crazy. >> it is time now to take our country back. >> and good tuesday morning to you. a primary tuesday. welcome to coverage of the indiana primary here on msnbc. i'm